What's a BOGO?

The terms Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) and Two-For-One (2-For-1) are used interchangeably and mean that when you buy one drink, you then get a second of the same type of drink for free.  One BOGO per bar.

Whatever you call it, it’s a free drink! Take it!

How do I find Barventure specials near me?

In your Barventure app, you can view your city’s map or find Barventure bars listed by neighborhood. You’ll also see the specific drink specials for each bar listed in the app.

What do I do when I get to the bar?

Present your Barventure app to your bartender or server. Once you’ve ordered your 2-for-1 drinks, they’ll hit the redeem button for their bar, and update the discount on your check.

What does the free app come with?

When you download the Barventure app and set-up an account, you’ll have access to exploring all the bars within the app. You get one free drink a month just for setting up an account — no credit card information required. For $5 you receive hundreds of dollars worth of drink deals a month at Denver’s best bars including Rein Haus, STEM Ciders, El Jefe, Millers and Rossi and Hudson Hill.

How should I tip my bartenders?

Our bartenders & servers work hard!  Even though you are drinking at a discount, they are still serving you the same. Please tip on the original price of both drinks.

Do I have to order two of the same drink?

Bar managers, at their discretion, may allow you to substitute a different, but equal or lower priced drink for your free one. But they don’t have to.

What if it's happy hour?

BOGO applies to regular price, not happy hour or other discount prices. Some establishments already offer aggressive happy hours. Check them out and save your BOGO for next time; it might just work out in your favor!

How do I check that I've been to a Barventure bar?

After your server or bartender has redeemed your deal, the bar will turn grey on the bar list and map view within the app.

How long is each bar on the app?

Each bar is on the app for 4 months, then returns 2 months later. At least 10+ new bars are added each month, and 10 drop off, keeping the selection of bars fresh.

Users can only redeem the drink deal at each bar one time for the four months the bar is on the app.

What can I order?

“You Call It” means you can choose any type of drink the bar serves. High-end discounts at “You Call It” bars are at the discretion of the manager.  For instance, a glass of 150-year-old-Scotch probably isn’t BOGO material.

How big of a drink can I get?

A drink means a drink . . . not a bottle of wine, bottle of whiskey or a pitcher/growler.

Can I get multiple deals at the same bar on one day?

If a bar offers multiple discounts of any kind (food or drink), only one discount may be redeemed in a 24-hour period. Come back another time to grab the other offer.

Do Barventure deals expire?

Yes, bars are on the app for four months at a time. After four months, they expire from the app and have the option of rejoining after two months per their discretion and the discretion of Barventure.

How do I get home?

Reminder that you are responsible for complying with all state/local laws.  Don’t over-consume alcohol, and NEVER drink and drive!

I'd like to add my bar / restaurant to Barventure. Who can I contact?

Awesome! We’re thrilled to discuss with you the opportunity of your bar joining the app.

Please contact us at, and we’ll set-up a time that is convenient for you to chat.


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